Welcome to the KeepItQuerque - buy local Fundraising Resource!

Our Mission: Be the resource for championing Local Businesses and promoting "Buy Local" in the Albuquerque Metropolitan Area.

Your Opportunity: You and your organization may leverage the KeepItQuerque - buy local Clowd to raise money for your local project!

Your Neighborhood Association or Business District can ask the community to fund projects designed to make the shopping district

  • more walkable
  • safer
  • better known as a destination

Your local first responders can reach out to fund new equipment or infrastructure to

  • increase safety
  • decrease response time
  • support administrative costs

Your local organization can seek funding to improve too!

  • Local Theaters
  • Neighborhood Parks
  • Schools, Libraries and Community Centers

And every project initiated here will benefit KeepItQueruqe - buy local's efforts to envigorate our local economy.

Click the buttons above to create a project or find one that means something to you!